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Logo Clupik

Innovation for Clubs and Sports Associations

A Bano Business Exclusivity!

Gestão de clubes

Clupik is the most modern management system for clubs and sports associations.

A global solution that aims to make administration easier and add value to clubs, associations and organizations of all sizes. Manage athletes, directors, coaching teams, members, sponsors, expand your brand visibility and boost your sales with this unique app!

Everything in your pocket.

Gestão de clubes


logo helite

Technological innovation that brings quality and safety

A Bano Business Exclusivity!

Colete airbag

Airbag technology applied to all risk related activities.


Helite specializes in the development of individual protection systems, which are appliable to many activities, such as: motorcycling, horsemanship, cycling, health, aeronautics and high-level sports.

Coletes airbag


logo pumpilo

Simple and innovative solutions for complex problems

A Bano Business Exclusivity!

Swiss Intech

Swiss Intech SA aims to meet basic needs in a sustainable way.

Our objective is to put the excellency and precision of Swiss technology in service of the exploration of natural resources with renewable energy.

Bano Business, through our partnership with Swiss Intech, presents Pumpilo, a water pump that works with solar energy. It is ideal for regions with little infrastructure and easily adaptable for residential use or small communities.

Bomba Pumpilo